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Blog entry from The Community Transport Association about our takeover of the Lister Car scheme in April 2016. 

Jon Brown - Community Transport Co-ordinator

North Herts CVS



Client Comments


"I just had to telephone to say thank you so much for your wonderful service. Andy was so kind and helpful”

Peggy - Client


“You'll be pleased to know that my mum's trip out has inspired them and given them the confidence to venture out again, since being confined to the house for over a year, so a very big thank you to everyone involved”.

Jackie - Client's family member


“Ruby is absolutely delighted with the service. She couldn’t thank me enough for introducing her to the service”.

Sarah - Client's family member


"The scheme helps me to be more independent; I keep recommending you"

June - Client


“The booking went very well. The driver was excellent and very courteous. He helped me in and out of the vehicle. I was very happy with the service provided”.

Pauline - Client


“I have always found the drivers very courteous and considerate of my needs. Without your service I would not be able to attend the resource centre which enables me in my continued rehabilitation and helps me to be independent”.  

Phillip - Client


“As a carer it helps me to know my husband is transported to his rehabilitation centre safely. He enjoys getting to know his drivers and being independent enough to book his transport and pay. The scheme gives me peace of mind and enables me to do some voluntary work, which is important to me”.

Heather - Client's family member


Volunteer Driver Comments


“For me, the transport is only part of the service. The role satisfaction comes from being a listening ear for those who may have no-one else to talk to. Hours spent with them are never wasted. The “thank you’s we get will brighten the gloomiest days. I always drive home afterwards with my spirit lifted.”

Roger - Volunteer Driver


“Help today because tomorrow you may be the one that needs the help. I find volunteering gives me the opportunity to do something worthwhile and needed. It gets me out the house to meet and talk to interesting people - who all had a story to tell”.

Anthony - Voluntary Driver


“Driving is an opportunity to meet all types of people. Many of the more elderly have such interesting lives and stories.

That is ...for me...the greatest of pleasure”.

David D - Volunteer Driver


“I thoroughly enjoy interacting with and meeting people. They have led such interesting lives and I feel I can learn from them”.

It gives my week a structure to work & plan around”.

Nora - Volunteer Driver


“I applied as a volunteer driver because I wanted to put something back into society following my recent retirement from full time employment. I wanted something that gave me some structure to the week and in particular involved assisting a number of people, not just one or two. I love the contact with so many different people, and having such interesting conversations as we travel along – from ex Land army girls to people who were evacuated during the war or those who have other interesting tales to tell. Sometimes we are disappointed to arrive at the destination as we could carry on talking for ages!” 

Brenda - Volunteer Driver


“I applied as a volunteer driver because I was keen to put something back into the community following my recent retirement. I wanted something that gave me a structure to my week, and which involved assisting a number of people”.
“As a retired but active person, being a volunteer driver gives me a sense of purpose and the chance to meet and interact with other people”. 

Alec - Volunteer Driver