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Providing a reliable and friendly car service for less able residents

Become a Volunteer Driver


Are you looking for flexible volunteering opportunity?

Do you enjoy driving? Do you have some free time? Would you like to help the local community?

The Volunteer Driver the role is very flexible, and you give the time that you want to give. You will meet new people and it's a great social role, and one where you really are providing a vital service.

We are always in need of volunteer drivers.

  • Do as much, or as little driving as you wish
  • Use your own vehicle
  • Choose local or longer distance trips
  • Meet new people
  • Gain satisfaction from helping those unable to use public transport
  • Your mileage is paid
  • Over 70 volunteer drivers currently with us


Interested? Contact us on 01462 689402 or you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • "I volunteer as a driver because I feel that I contribute to the community with something that I enjoy, which is driving and getting to know people with different life stories."

  • “Such a polite, helpful, considerate and dedicated team you are. Great communication. Lovely socials gatherings with other volunteer drivers. You do an amazing job, and it is great to be a part of it”

  • "Driving is an opportunity to meet all types of people. Many of the more elderly have such interesting lives and stories. That is ...for me...the greatest of pleasure”.
    David D - Volunteer Driver

  • “I thoroughly enjoy interacting with and meeting people. They have led such interesting lives and I feel I can learn from them. It gives my week a structure to work & plan around”.
    Nora - Volunteer Driver

  • “I wanted something that gave me some structure to the week and in particular involved assisting a number of people, not just one or two. ”
    Brenda - Volunteer Driver

  • “I applied as a volunteer driver because I was keen to put something back into the community following my recent retirement."

    Alec - Volunteer Driver


  • “The “thank you’s we get will brighten the gloomiest days. I always drive home afterwards with my spirit lifted.”

    Roger - Volunteer Driver

  • "I really enjoy chatting to people enroute and hearing about their family. I hope I am making their life just a little bit easier."

    Tom – Volunteer Driver

  • "As a retired but active person, being a volunteer driver gives me a sense of purpose and the chance to meet and interact with other people”.

    Alec - Volunteer Driver

  • “It gets me out the house to meet and talk to interesting people - who all had a story to tell”
    Anthony - Voluntary Driver

  • “I really enjoy volunteering because I get to meet a lovely people and give something back to the community at the same time. I always feel happy when I’m driving someone."

    Allison – Volunteer Driver

  • “I have been a volunteer driver for 18 years and thoroughly enjoy it. I usually volunteer at the weekend as I work full time. I enjoy meeting our clients and taking them to their medical appointments. It’s a feel-good feeling all round”.

    Jenny – Volunteer Driver

  • “For me, the transport is only part of the service. The role satisfaction comes from being a listening ear for those who may have no-one else to talk to. Hours spent with them are never wasted.”

    Roger - Volunteer Driver

  • “Help today because tomorrow you may be the one that needs the help. I find volunteering gives me the opportunity to do something worthwhile and needed.”
    Anthony - Voluntary Driver

Become a volunteer driver

Please contact us if you wish to volunteer.


01462 689402